Trail running Hahlići Trail 2018

Date and time
05.05.2018. at 09:00 o’clock

The 4th edition of trail running race Hahlići Trail 2018 will be held on Saturday, May 5 2018, with start and finish in the Dražice village.

Hahlici, also know as “Grobnik Alps” are a beautiful part of the west plate of Gorski kotar composed of many different peaks, and each tells its own story with appearance and attractiveness. Hahlici climb is so beautiful because the path takes you across grassy planes overlooking Kvarner bay, the islands and the deeply indented Mudna dol canyon. The race is part of the Kvarner Trails running series.

Kvarner Trails is the series which combines four trail running races (Hahlići Rijeka, Risnjak and Učka Trail) promoting Kvarner region and its natural areas, local community and people, their history, tradition and cultural heritage with the aim of developing a sustainable forms of tourism with all the benefits, both for the local community, as well as for the region itself.

Length and duration

Hahlići Trail has 3 races:
/ 12km - Obruč (duration: 1h - 4h) / 18km - Vidalj (duration: 1.50h - 6h) / 32km - Pakleno (duration: 3.30h - 8h)


Dražice, Hahlići and Pakleno peaks


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