Jelenje - J3 Fratar

Length Difficulty Trail type Estimated duration
44 km
Loop 11 h
Climb Highest point Lowest point Surface
2000 m 1185 m 290 m Asphalt: 10 % - Terrain: 90 %

Trail description

An exceptionally demanding path through rugged terrain with many crags and escarpments.

This path offers all nature lovers a beauty that will take their breath away: at the vantage points of Vidalj and Grleš it offers a view worthy of admiration. Along the path we pass by the Hahlić mountain lodge and along the forested valley Pakleno – incredibly wild, in some places difficult to pass, surrounded by the peaks of Obruč, Pakleno, Osoje, Fratar and Suhi Vrh. From on the outside these peaks have a mostly gentle appearance, whereas towards Pakleno they are rocky and fragmented – a wonder of nature.

Along the path we also pass through Platak – the regional sports, recreation and tourist centre.

Places along the trail

Podkilavac, Platak

Features along the trail

Podkilavac/Rastočine, Platak - Informative panels

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