Rijeka - R1 Plumbum – Trsat

Length Difficulty Trail type Estimated duration
6.7 km
Point to point 3:10 h
Climb Highest point Lowest point Surface
223 m 212 m 38 m Asphalt: 80 % - Terrain: 20 %

Trail description

As part of the Rijeka Promenades, the first part of path, from Plumbum, over Donja and Gornja Vežica, Sveti Križ and Strmica to Trsat, was opened in 2011. Sections of it carry the distinctive names of indigenous littoral vegetation.

A-B Nettle and Rosemary Trail / Plumbum – Podvežica

Length: 1,5 km
Elevation: 80 m
Estimated time (walking): 30 min

B-C Pine and Heather Trail / Podvežica – Gornja Vežica

Length:  750 m
Elevation: 65 m
Estimated time (walking): 40 min

C-D Maple and Mallow Trail / Gornja Vežica – Sveti Križ

Length: 1,5 km
Elevation: 130 m
Estimated time (walking): 40 min

D-E Ash and Rosehip Trail / Sveti Križ – Sveta Ana

Length: 750 m
Elevation: 80 m
Estimated time (walking): 15 min

E-F Oak and Sage Trail / Sveta Ana –Trsat

Length:  2 km
Elevation: 100 m
Estimated time (walking):  45 min

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