Kastav - KA2 Rabbit (blue)

Length Difficulty Trail type Estimated duration
9.28 km
Loop 2:50 h
Climb Highest point Lowest point Surface
163 m 423 m 331 m Asphalt: 5 % - Terrain: 95 %

Trail description

This trail leads from Fortica along Crekvina through the Loza and Lužina woods.

Following the logging road next to the eco-trail sign, do not change direction but continue walking straight to the junction of the logging road and the path from the direction of Jelovičan. Follow the left path close to the Knež dol valley until the Zvirić junction (there’s a hunting lodge on the right) and then turn left to the Stanić resting-place. It is possible to climb Stanić peak (465m, left of the trail) with a beautiful view of the surrounding villages. Continue walking along the widening path that descends slowly to the paved road and Brajani village, along the lovely abandoned estate (there is a 230m long path that leads to the abandoned quarry called kave on the left).

There are the ruins of the abandoned village of Cari on the right which serve as a good example of the traditional rural architecture. Further up the road are both the junction and Spinčić hill. There are yellow and blue signs that mark the Majevi vrh trail. Follow the logging road to Kastav up to the paved road in Belić hill which is on the left through the Brnini village back to the Fortica.

Places along the trail

Kastav, Jelovičani, Brajani, Brnini

Features along the trail

OPG ranč „Sivi Vrabac“, Knež dol, Lovačka kućica „Zvirić“, odmorište „Stanić“, Stanić vrh, napušteno selo Cari, Rapalska granica, Majevi vrh, Spinčićev breg, Belićev breg

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