Viškovo - V1 Lončeva griža trail

Length Difficulty Trail type Estimated duration
12.3 km
Loop 3 h
Climb Highest point Lowest point Surface
300 m 500 m 200 m Asphalt: 15 % - Terrain: 75 %

Trail description

Starting from the centre of Viškovo, the 15 km long trail climbs up old forests paths. Above the village of Globići it comes to a pass from where it starts to descend towards Kukuljani. Arriving at Ponikvica, it turns right and on the old Trnovica-Saršoni road it rises again to Lončeva Griža from whose peak there extends a wonderful view of the areas of Kastav and Grobnik, the whole of Kvarner and the mountains of Gorski Kotar all the way to Slovenia.

Here there is an educational trail in three languages (Chakavski, standard Croatian and English) on informative panels which describe the work of the former quarry, and on the wall of the old quarry are exhibited stonemason’s and stonecutter’s tools. Below the vantage point, on the limestone rocks there is also a unique exhibition called ‘View from the Rocks’ by members of the ‘Braća Baštijan’ amateur artists association, inspired by the traditional motifs of Viškovo.

The trail turns to the east – to the ridge of Lubanj and above the village of Skvažići it descends and crosses the Petrolejska road, turns towards the village of Biškupi, cuts across the Viškovo-Saršoni road and enters a pine forest. Upon arriving at the Viškovo bypass, we return to the start and by turning to the left we arrive in the centre of Viškovo.

Places along the trail

Viškovo, Ronjgi, Zorzići, Globići, Skvažići, Biškupi

Features along the trail

Memorial house of I. M. Ronjgov, Lončeva Griža information panel, stone gallery open air exhibition, the educational trail of stonemasons and stonecutters at Lončeva Griža, vantage point with benches at Lončeva Griža, cattle watering pond at Biškupi.

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