Viškovo - V2 Plešivac trail

Length Difficulty Trail type Estimated duration
8.6 km
Point to point 1:45 h
Climb Highest point Lowest point Surface
120 m 429 m 280 m Asphalt: 5 % - Terrain: 95 %

Trail description

This adequate footpath of gentle climbs offers the possibility of recreation and relaxation in the natural beauty of the forested landscape to all ages. Its total length of 8.6 km connects Marčelji with Tibljaši, and branches lead to Saršoni, Skvažići and Mladenići and to the highest point – the peak of Plešivac at 429 m above sea level.

Starting from the old school in Marčelji, on a forest path eastwards, towards the village of Biškupi, we need to cut across the Viškovo bypass and the Viškovo-Saršoni road. Along Biškupi the trail extends to a rest area with benches where the paths begin to divide: towards Mladenići, and after about 100 m towards the village of Petrci. If we take this direction, along the way we will see the ruins of Tonjak’s house. If we continue straight on, we can reach Kablari at Drenova. From the bushes, about 150 m from the trail, we will see the remains of Jeberin’s house. If we turn at the next crossing Kablari-Petrci right, we will descend to the Stupari-Drenova road where we should head left, and after about 100 m right again. After a short walk down the road, we arrive at steps, which lead to the bus turning point in Tibljaši.

A cycling trail joins the footpath that leads to Ronjgi the birthplace of Ivan Matetić Ronjgov and the memorial house dedicated to him where many events are held.

Places along the trail

Marčelji, Biškupi, Petrci, Tibljaši

Features along the trail

Ruins of Jeberin’s forest house, rest area with table and benches, Tonjak’s ruined house, Biškupi pond for watering cattle.

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